The Sound.             (forthcoming prose) 

Adroit Journal. Fall 2016. 


Adsila, Wyoming.     (forthcoming prose)

Western Humanities Review. Fall 2016. (fiction contest winner)


The First Step is to Always Be Aware (forthcoming prose)

Black Sun Lit. Summer 2016.


When viewed from above, the ocean; This is no letter to you.  (poetry)

PANK. Spring 2016. 


Dalalæða    (prose)

Black Sun Lit. Fall 2015.


The Reattempt.                  (essay) 

Web Conjunctions. Spring 2015. 


Wake; La Galleta; Umlaut        (poetry)

Coconut Magazine.  March 2014.


Afterlife; Phuket, December 2004; Yellowstone; Poor People; What would you attempt to do if you knew you would not fail, guys             (poetry and prose)

Writing is Hard and Lonely. Sensitive House (anthology). Winter 2014


A Perfectly Good Place        (prose)

Prairie Schooner. Fall 2013


Tofu of Kansas                     (book)

Sensitive House debut. March 2013


How far away we seem (prose)

The Collagist. February 2013


A Coronation                     (prose)

Gigantic Magazine. Winter 2013. 


Tofu                                  (prose)

Center for Fiction. September 2012. 


Haunted                           (prose)

100 Ghost Stories. Wonder Fair Art Gallery and How (zine). 


The radio quit & they flew blind over an invisible ocean          (poetry)

Parcel. Fall 2011


Here kitty, Russia, & Canyon      (poetry) 

seveneightfive. Fall 2011. 


Short Story in Nine Parts           (poetry) 

Everyday Genius. October 2011


Interview with Iris Moulton ; Litter    (interview; prose)

American Short Fiction. September 2011.


The Reprint                            (review)

Puerto del Sol. August 2011


Beecher's Beginning              (essay)

Web Del Sol. May 2011


the ground is now lava          (prose) 

Fugue. March 2011


We Would Come To The Edge   (prose)

Everyday Genius. 2010


oh my; the park                       (poetry)

elimae. 2010


summer in kansas; crickets listen with our legs and       (poetry)  

Pebble Lake Review. 2010


Endorheic                                 (poem)

Cider Press Review. 2010


where the echoes go                (poetry collection) 

PUSH! publications. 2005


escape                                          (poetry) 

Slam (anthology). Alloy Books. 2000